Thursday, 8 November 2012

Diary - Bordeaux and down the coast to San Sebastian.

We woke up early and packed up. It was a beautiful day and through the windows we could see markets setting up near the Cathedral. We were so excited and couldn't wait to start exploring Bordeaux.
Checked out and packed everything into the car. Our french girl on reception had marked out a place to go for breakfast and the main areas of Bordeaux to see. We were in the centre of everything - that was one reason why I picked this place. We walked to the square and had breakfast in Cafe Karl that the girl at the hotel recommended. It was like a uni hangout but really cosy and nice. It was great. Had baked eggs with ham + creme frais - so yummy. We all had heaps to eat and it was really reasonable.
Wandered all over Bordeaux - we loved it! It's such a beautiful city and we were amazed as although I'd done all my research it's always so different when you see it in the flesh.  We walked all down the shopping streets, window shopping abit (there were about 3 streets in the main area) then walked into the golden triangle full of beautiful buildings and shops with a lovely centre pedestrian area in the middle full of trees - really pretty.

We walked down to the river - it was so divine - with a big wide esplanade all along the river. Across the road were beautiful old buildings. In the middle of esplanade there was a huge pool of water that is a massive fountain with a whole heap of jets. We really wished we had more time in Bordeaux.

I would have liked to have more time to explore the wineries that Soph and I had researched but have to that will have to be next time!!

Sadly left Bordeaux at 12 and headed down the coast to Biarritz. Soph and I had been looking forward to coming here. We parked in the Casino and walked out to the beach. It was raining which ws annoying but it was so good to see the ocean again. The beach was lovely - George immediately ran into the water, Soph, Ed and I ran onto the sand. It stopped raining which was great.

We walked to town and into the main square. We were going to have lunch but decided to have a look round instead and skip lunch. Soph and I went into a couple of nice shops.

The markets were on and there were lots of small booths selling stuff. Again it's a real summer spot. I can imagine how busy it would be in Summer. Walked along the main road full of market stalls. We ended up at the Mercure bar and had cassis and olives for a little lude. Biarritz was lovely. We headed off and drove to St Jean de Luz all along the coast road which was lovely. We got there and drove through the town but decided not to stop as we were keen to get to San Sab. We crossed the border into Spain - we were so sad to leave france - we LOVE it. We also had such a funny time as we headed to the border - we had a grasshopper clinging on for dear life - didier we called him. We wanted him so much to hitch a ride over the border but then he couldn't hang on any longer! George was videoing it and we were all laughing and crying when he finally flew off. As we crossed the border with great excitement there were all these mean looking guards standing there with big machine guns and staring at us. Not sure if this is the norm or if there was a baddie trying to escape over the border.
We also lost Jane as she was only active in France so we got really lost driving into San Sebastian.

Au revoir France - Bientot I hope.

Hola Spain!

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