Thursday, 9 August 2012

Diary - to Bordeaux. (to finish)


Down to breakfast - had boiled eggs and pastries and bread. Packed up and said goodbye to Wendy and David - really enjoyed staying there. They were so lovely.

We drove off through Sarlat to the Chateau de Castelnaud. This was a big castle that we walked up to with displays of medieval things - armour, weapons etc. It was actually all redone in the 60's and more done in the 90's so it was all abit of a fake but the view from the top was fantastic before we got inundated by school children so we headed off to Beynac. This was a beautiful little town - again right on the Dordogne which is such a lovely river. The town was set up high and built on the side of a hill. It was really pretty. Lovely narrow streets, cobblestoned and cute little houses. We had lunch at a pizza place right on the river. I had croque Monsieur which wasn't great but the setting was fantastic.
We left there and drove to St Emillon - lots of beautiful green fields and yellow flowers that look like canola. Got to St Emillon about 1/4 to 4. We went to the visitors information and found out about hiring bikes. it was 12e each so 60e to do it. That was for 1/2 a day but the same for us for the time we wanted to hire them for. went back and discussed - I was sure Andrew would say no because of the cost but the boys were all really excited and were very keen to do it. We all decided that as we were spending so much on the bikes we'd have dinner in the apartment tonight in Bordeaux. We were looked after by a gorgeous French girl called Camille who took us to the bike shed, got the helmets for us and gave us a map of the route where we could ride. This was about 1 and 1/4 hours long. We set off, I was abit wonky at first and we left St Emillon on a fairly busy road but very soon we turned off into beautiful fields of vineyards.

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