Thursday, 22 March 2012

London dining and bars.

There are of course a huge amount of places and areas to eat in in London - and some great sounding bar.

We plan to go to The Marleybone on our first night.

Sweetings also sounds good -  39 Queen Victoria Street. The City -  This place has been around since 1830.
It has a mosaic floor.

We wanted to go for dinner at The White Swan pub and dining room, 108 New Fetter lane, The City - on Sunday with Stevie and Tory but it's closed on Sundays (and Saturdays) which is so wierd but I guess it's because they are in the city which may not be very lively on the weekends.

The Wine Library - 43 Trinity Square, - www. Not sure if it's the same as the one in Paddington!

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese - 145 Fleet Street - this is a historic pub. We had a walk through here after we'd been to The Old Bank pub - it was pretty dark and all little rooms. Not that appealing but glad we had a look.

There are lots of places around Covent Garden.

Soph has picked out a bar to go to on Saturday night.

Terroirs Wine Bar - 5 William 1V street,

Around Covent Garden are plenty of places to go - some that look good are:

Salisbury - in St Martin's Lane and next to the St Martin's Lane Hotel. It has a very British pub interior.

The Lamb and flag sounds good too. The interior is more than 350 years old and live jazz on Sunday afternoons.

Neal's yard Dairy - 17 Shorts Gardens - a fabulous smelly cheese shop with over 70 varieties of cheese.

Inn the Park -
St James Park
This is a stunning wooden cafe and restaurant offering cakes and tea plus quality British food. It has a new roof terrace. We are planning on going here. It looks amazing.

Lamb bar in Bloomsbury - very popular with mahogany bar.

Clerkenwell sounds quite interesting and has quaint streets. A couple of places that sound good are:

Moro -
34-36 Exmouth market.
This is the best known restaurant in Clerkenwell serving African/Spanish food with apparently fantastic food.

Coach & Horses -
26-28 Ray Street, Clerkenwell.
This is a gastropub with old world charm and well priced food.

Jerusalem Tavern - very cute pub with booths and a small bar - 55 Britton Street, EC1.

We have booked Rocket for our first night - - we have been here last time and we decided that this is where we'd like to go for our first night together.
4 Lancashire Court, London W1S 1EY - this was very average but great value to have dinner in Mayfair  - and in a fantastic area.

We'd like to go to Beach Blanket Babylon again - that was great.

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