Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Extra costs..

In my research and costs of the holiday I realised that there are alot of bits and pieces that you forget about in all the planning - admission costs, tube costs, bike hire etc so thought I'd make a list of places we'd like to go to as this can really blow out the budget. In our case with 5 of us we need to weigh up what we want to go inside to look at as all being adults I'm not sure that a family ticket applies!  I first thought of doing this when I said to Sophie that we'd go inside Westminster Abbey this time - until I looked at the admission cost which is ridiculous for a Church. I don't remember it costing money when I lived there but I wasn't on a budget then at 20 so who knows! It's good to be forewarned in this day and age of the internet and knowing everything before you get there (what the street looks like with streetview to planning what you 're going to eat at a restaurant after looking at the menu online).

Have found this website which looks like it has some good suggestions:

25 Ways to cut the cost of your next holiday.


Tube: Sophie to investigate. We'll get either an Oyster card or travelcard - should be around 15 pounds each.

Westminster Abbey: 16 pounds per person, 38 pounds for a family of 2 adults and 2 children + 6 pounds for extra (if the kids get by as kids - although to my mind a family ticket is for a family and we are a family!!) At this price - no way. I'm not spending about $90 to go inside here.

St Paul's Cathedral: This is 12.5pounds per person or 29.5 for a family of 4. Again - will give it a miss and just look through the doors maybe.

Boat on the Thames - 13.5 pounds for 2. (2 for one deal)

London Eye - Standard ticket is 17 pounds per person online and 18.80 on the day. Fast track ticket is 25 pounds per person online and 28.80 on the day.

We can also get a combined London Eye and Thames Cruise -

This works out at 24.40 pounds.

Musee d'orsay - 8e for us and 5.5e for Soph and Ed. George is free as he's an EU resident.

Climbing  Notre Dame -  8E for us, 5e for Soph and Ed and free for George.
Musee de l'Orangerie -  7.5e for us, 5.5 for Soph and Ed and free for George.

Metro -  We can get a Paris Pass for 9.75 euros each.

BATOBUS -  1 day is 12e per person, 2 days is 14e so we'll get that one I would think.

CHAMPAGNE AREA:  Moet and Chandon Tour - $100 for all of us. (booked but not paid)

BURGUNDY:  Bike hire - approx 16e for a day - not sure about 1/2 a day.

SARLAT: boat hire to ride down to river in La Roque-Gageac

On this website it says that its only a few euros to hire canoes.



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  1. Ohhh my goodness! I am so glad to have found your blog - you have great info on here! following for sure cause I will be moving towards London soon.
    Cao from an expat living in Serbia (for the time being)