Friday, 3 February 2012

San Sebastian to Madrid.

We head off to Madrid on 17th. Sadly we will have said goodbye to George who has to fly back to Cardiff the day before we leave. Its' going to be a full day of driving but we'll see lots on the way.
On the way we will be going to the The Rioja area which is the wine area (more wine tasting!!).
There are a couple of cute little places along the way. Harro is described as the unattractive capitol of the Rioja area so might give that a miss but only a couple of kilometres away is Briones.  In comparision this is described as an obscenely quaint village," a sunset gold village with commmanding views over wine carpeted plains" There is a fantastic wine museum.


Then we'll head onto laguardia - this is a medieval fortress dating back to 13th century.The village is only small with a few streets in the old city but there is still plenty of lovely places to eat, shop and drink some of the best wine. No cars are allowed inside the old city.

San Sebastian to Laguardia is about 1 hours 50 minutes.  Sophie has marked out Calatanazor to visit as well - this is approx 2 hours 20 from Laguardia.

This town according to Wikipedia has 70 people living here. This castle looks amazing - infact the whole town looks really cute and interesting.
From here we'll head towards Madrid via Segovia which is 2 and 1/2 hours from Calatanazor.
Segovia has one of Europe's best preserved Roman aquaducts as well as the castle that inspired Disneyland's sleeping Beauty castle. It's also full of religious buildings and lively streets.

Drive out of town 2km due north towards Cuellar for a wonderful view back over the city. From here it's about an hour to Madrid.

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